Many years ago we were sitting in our KidsEQ offices when an order came in from the bookstore Barnes and Nobles. Someone had surprised us with an order of 100 full sets of the Emotional Literacy books for kids!

In complete delight, we called B&N back to ask if we could know who had ordered them and for what. They very kindly asked their customer – and even more of an excitement – then informed us that someone had ordered the 100 sets to donate to all the schools in their school district.

It was then that the seeds of the idea for the “No School Left Behind”  Campaign were sown. We thought it was a wonderfully revolutionary idea if all schools were equipped with the tools of Emotional Literacy, so our future generations could learn the language of relationships.

Many things have happened since then and the need for Emotional Literacy only increases. It is our dream that the next generation avoids the need for extensive therapy, by learning the tools of emotional literacy while they are young.

– Rowan Gabrielle