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They have been left behind, and need all the support they can get. is assembling an ever-expanding package of materials from its founding members – pioneers in the field of Emotional Intelligence – to provide to schools nationwide.

We invite you to become a part of the solution and sponsor the school of your choice today. Give kids the advantage of an upgraded education that deals with critical everyday social skills as well as the traditional classroom subjects.

Your Sponsorship of $99 will allow to support the school with ongoing Emotional Literacy materials and services, starting with offerings from HeartMath, Six Seconds and KidsEQ.

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From Kids EQ

A 21 book set, covering Seven Basic Emotions in 3 books each
Anger • Fear • Jealousy • Grief • Guilt • Hurt • Loneliness

1) A beautifully illustrated storybook that shows a child in a “real life” situation learning to recognize and express a specific emotion.
2) An activity/coloring book to help children to explore their emotions using creativity and imagination.
3) A parent/teacher guide full of activities and guidance to help explore emotions in partnership with children.

From Six Seconds:

1) The Case for EQ in Schools: Read a lively summary of recent research and best practices for SEL implementation in schools. (pdf)

2) Benchmarks for an EQ School Fully Implementing SEL: Six Seconds model for SEL integration. (pdf)

3) Getting Your Principal to Support SEL. Dr. Lorea Martinez outlines some steps and strategies for talking about SEL with your administrator. (pdf)

4) Introduction to SEL. A set of attractive slides with notes, used to introduce SEL to an audience. (pptx).

5) Four Sample SEL K-8 Lessons (will be available soon).

6) In addition to these materials, educators are invited to a Quarterly Q&A with Six Seconds Experts in Social Emotional Learning. Come ask questions, get ideas and suggestions, and inspiration! Dates will be provided directly to teachers sponsored.

From HeartMath:

1) Some of the best Heart Math EQ e-Books, The schools you sponsor will also be given free access to 4 of Heartmaths downloadable Ebooks on Emotional learning:

“Securing Our Children’s Future”,
“The Inside Story” –
“Understanding the Power of Feeling”
“Applied Appreciation”.