Let’s upgrade our children’s education with

Emotional Literacy: the key to healthy relationships,

happiness and success in life


Let’s upgrade our children’s education with

Emotional Literacy: the key to better lives.


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Enough is Enough #EmotionalLiteracy

Feel.org has designed a series of campaigns to help build a movement that makes Emotional Literacy a household term and puts the tools of Emotional Literacy in the hands of as many teachers and children as possible.

The campaigns were created in such a way as to avoid conflict with the existing curricula and the overextended school administration and teachers, with their financial and budget constraints – Feel.org is non-sectarian and apolitical. Emotional Literacy is an upgrade we can all agree on.

Feel.org, with your contribution, will build a conduit delivering the best available emotional literacy products, information, and services straight to the sponsored schools, on an ongoing basis.


Two campaigns – One mission

We’re working to bring Emotional Literacy to all children,
in all schools across our nation.

Our coalition members:

Heart Math, Six Seconds and Kids EQ joined hands to create a movement that inspires change from the ground up. They have been joined by many leaders within the EQ industry creating an ever-growing coalition with valuable content and trainings to share – Keep an eye on our resources section for their amazing offerings.

Heartmath is a Founding Partner
KidsEQ is a Coalition Partner
Six Seconds is a Founding Partner
Mission Be is a coalition Partner
Peace Guardians are a coalition Partner
Conscious Bedtime Story Club is a coalition Partner
Mabel Laguna is a sponsor
Aware Awake Alive is a sponsor
Sandra and Daniel Biskind are a sponsor
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