Feel.org is a non profit organization working under the auspices of 6second. Established in 1993 by Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle with the help of Dr. Christopher Hills, Sirah Vettese and Harold Bloomfield MD., with the purpose of making the term” Emotional literacy” a house hold term. Feel expressed the idea that emotions can be learned, and that Emotions are E-motion = energy in motion: electromagnetic energy, a source of electricity, magnetism and information. In 1995, in LA at the home of producer Norman Lear, feel launched the 1m signature campaign/petition to demand to teach Emotional literacy at school and at home. Many well renowned doctors, teachers, artist and influencers signed the petition. Feel the ‘Foundation for education in Emotional Literacy” created the monthly Emotional Literacy newsletter that went to thousand of teachers, schools, government, universities etc promoting Emotional Literacy. When 6seconds showed up in the world, Ayman and Rowan fell in love with them and decided it would be better to support and champion 6seconds instead.

30 years after, and as Emotional learning has become mainstream. Feel decided that it is time to change its plans from promoting Emotional literacy, to supporting the EQ children/parenting/SEL industry, the thousands of mom and pop vendors who create beautiful books, games, trainings, apps etc..  with their sales, marketing and distribution. The second plan for Feel.org is developing the Parent Emotional Literacy certification. Ayman and Rowan donated their Enchante publishing assets to the newly formed KidsEQ.com which will become its commercial arm.

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A team with heart.


Ayman Sawaf
Ayman SawafVision and Strategy
A pioneer in the field of Emotional Literacy and EQ, co-author of the international best selling book Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations (1997) Ayman sits on the board of Six Seconds. AymanSawaf.com
Rowan Gabrielle
Rowan GabrielleManagment, Team Lead
Entrepreneur, EQ Advocate and Special Event Producer. Co-author of “Sacred Commerce, a blueprint for a new humanity”.
Sirah Vettese, PhD
Sirah Vettese, PhDPublic Relations
Has been involved in developing Emotional Literacy tools for families since the 90’s. She is a respected leading-edge consultant, author, and counselor who passionately supports others in fulfilling their destiny.

Launch Support


Over the years building up to this campaign many people have donated their time, some of the people that have been most influential in getting it to this point are:

Immanuel Otto, Bruce Cryer, Danna Yunnis, Marshall Smith, Anna Margolis, Nada Abbassi, Aaron Pyne, Mikaele Dawn Tate, Michael Moore and Rhea Coylewe are beyond grateful for your support and magic!