The Foundation for Education in Emotional Literacy

Galvanized by the tragic number of school shootings so far this year – and inspired by youth demanding change – we re-launched on March 24th, 2018  in partnership with HeartMath, Kids EQ and Six Seconds, coinciding with the nationwide student-led marches.

Founded in 1993 by Ayman and Rowan Gabrielle Sawaf, started promoting the need for Emotional Literacy with the “Emotional Literacy Newsletter” which was distributed to thousands of schools, universities, and professionals, with articles from many of the pioneering authors and speakers of the time. They also built a media company centered around emotional literacy for children.  After meeting Six Seconds in 1997, they decided to concentrate their efforts on championing Six Seconds vision and mission instead of leading a nonprofit themselves.

Following the Columbine school massacre, suggested Emotional Literacy as the antidote to violence in schools. All the lobbying efforts done by many individuals and organizations – asking government and educational institutions to intervene – had failed. came to the same conclusion as other leaders in the fields of education, parenting, and Emotional Intelligence:  only a bottom-up movement of parents, teachers, EQ professionals, corporations, and celebrities – with the goal of seeing Emotional Literacy integrated into our education curriculum – could put pressure on schools and government to change. is a non-political, non-partisan, non-sectarian endeavor. Emotional literacy is a solution that everyone can agree on. has designed a series of campaigns to help build a movement that makes Emotional Literacy a household term and puts the tools of EL in the hands of as many teachers and kids as possible.

A team with heart.


Ayman Sawaf
Ayman SawafVision and Strategy
A pioneer in the field of Emotional Literacy and EQ, co-author of the international best selling book Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organizations (1997) Ayman sits on the board of Six Seconds.
Rowan Gabrielle
Rowan GabrielleManagment, Team Lead
Entrepreneur, EQ Advocate and Special Event Producer. Co-author of “Sacred Commerce, a blueprint for a new humanity”.
Sirah Vettese, PhD
Sirah Vettese, PhDPublic Relations
Has been involved in developing Emotional Literacy tools for families since the 90’s. She is a respected leading-edge consultant, author, and counselor who passionately supports others in fulfilling their destiny.

Launch Support

Substance Lagarde
Substance LagardeChief Ambassador
Event Producer and connector, involved in spreading the word about EQ and Emotional Literacy into networks across America and beyond.
Aftab Ahmad
Aftab AhmadTech Development Manager
We are a group of tech entrepreneurs with purpose. We value our environment, pay living wages and practice.
Robert B. Gelman
Robert B. GelmanOperations Manager
Entrepreneur, author, Internet developer and marketing consultant, producer of over 900 events, author of “Protecting Yourself Online” (for EFF), rights activist for five decades, and advocate for EQ.
Alexandra Marshall
Alexandra MarshallWeb & Graphic Designer
Design approached with a focus on marketing, streamlining the appearance and delivery of’s message. &
Brittney Johnson
Brittney JohnsonCampaign Strategist
Ensuring and the campaign for Emotional Literacy stay on track with ease and grace, integrating tools to simplify, streamline and ensure continuous connection within the movement.
Tisha Marina Bernard, M.A.
Tisha Marina Bernard, M.A.Bully Prevention/Emotional Wellness Specialist
Founder of I Choose Peace Academy. Community Services Professional, Visionary Leader, Bridge Builder and Educator with experience in supervising staff, securing resources, transforming school cultures, and implementing effective programs.


Over the years building up to this campaign many people have donated their time, some of the people that have been most influential in getting it to this point are:

Immanuel Otto, Bruce Cryer, Danna Yunnis, Marshall Smith, Anna Margolis, Nada Abbassi, Aaron Pyne, Mikaele Dawn Tate, Michael Moore and Rhea Coyle – we are beyond grateful for your support and magic!