Feel.org is a non profit organization working under the auspices of 6second. Established in 1993 by Ayman Sawaf and Rowan Gabrielle with the help of Sirah Vettese and Harold Bloomfield MD., with the purpose of raising the awareness for the need of emotional literacy in our homes at schools, whilst making the term ‘Emotional Literacy’ a house hold term.

Feel promoted the concept that emotions are e-motion; energy-in-motion, electromagnetic energy; a source of electricity and magnetism, coded with relevant information about our current reality. Feel also pionered the idea that emotions can be learned, and used as energy to power our body our persona and our reality. Emotional Literacy took emotions out of the realm of psychology where they were issues needing to be healed and fixed and in to the realm of energy and information – where they are essential data for successfully navigating life.

In 1995, at the home of producer Norman Lear in LA , Feel launched the 1 Million Signature Campaign to demand that Emotional Literacy be taught in our schools and at home. Many well renowned doctors, teachers, artists and influencers signed the petition. Feel; ‘The Foundation for education in Emotional Literacy’ created the monthly Emotional Literacy newsletter that went to thousand of teachers, schools, universities and government, promoting Emotional Literacy as a key personal resource. When we first met 6seconds we fell in love with their work and their team and decided it would be better to join forces and support their mission.

30 years later, Emotional Learning is a house hold term and has truly become mainstream. Feel is moving on from promoting ‘Emotional Literacy’ as a term, to supporting the EQ the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) industry as a whole, which includes thousands of mom and pop vendors who create beautiful books, games, trainings, apps etc..by providing them with a personalised sales rep organisation advocating, educating and selling their products. This in turn serves the thousands of families seeking Conscious Parenting tools and toys.

Feel.org is also developing the Parent ‘Emotional Literacy’ Certification.