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Emotional Literacy Links

If you are interested in Emotional Literacy, we recommend these resources:

Six Seconds EQ Network - Training, Articles, and Experts for Emotional Literacy and Emotional Intelligence.

EQRocks! - Celebrating the joy and wonder of having high Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

EQ Store - Books, Tests, and Resources for Emotional Intelligence.

The EQ Alliance - An Inclusive Association of people committed to Emotional Intelligence.

Antidote - A UK Emotional Literacy Resource Center.

NELIG - The UK National Emotional Literacy Interest Group.

Kids Emotion Quiz - Free Online Quiz on Emotions for KidsClaude Steiner's Emotional Literacy Home Page -Emotional Literacy, Transactional Analysis and other matters.

Coalition for Emotional Literacy -Participate in the Emotional Literacy Movement.

Daniel Goleman -The Secret Life of Building.

Emotional Literacy Courses -Emotional Literacy Educational Development Training.

Emotional Literacy with Betty Rudd -Don't let Enefficient Emotional Literacy undermine your life. -Welcome to the Rainbow Planet connection, Helping Families Connect.

The Lion Heart Foundation -Bringing a powerful and effective Emotional Literacy Curriculum to Prisoners and Youth at risk across the Country.

Emotional Literacy Advocates -Bridging the gap between Feelings and Words.

Family Links -Strong for Life.

Emotional Intelligence Consortium -Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. An online Journal for Developing People Skills to Feel it, See the Signs, Get Connections and Make Good Decisions by creating an EmoGram Journal.

Kids News Room -Kidsnewsroom's number one goal is to provide Educational Material useful to teachers, students, and parents.

Psychology -Your Perception Matters.

Changemakers -Changemakers, Where we all collaborate on solutions.

Funderstanding -We believe that Education is best when people are actively engaged with the topic they are learning.

Queendom -The Land of Test.

Teachernet -What you need, When you need it.

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