The purpose of the Emotional Literacy Campaign is to promote the need for Emotional Literacy in our children's education.

To achieve this we are taking the following steps:

Launch Fund: A major fund-raising is being initiated to build the resource chest of $500,000 from which to drive the million signature campaign, media and lobbying efforts.

Media Strategy: We will orchestrate a media campaign that will make Emotional Literacy a household phrase.

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Policy Impact: Finally, the national campaign will result in legislative and institutional advocacy in Washington intended to move the policy makers towards advocating for Emotional Literacy education at home and in school.

About the Campaign for Emotional Literacy

Allies committed to a healthy future

The Emotional Literacy Campaign is a non-profit initiative driven by a group of parents and their organizations committed to raising a healthy new generation. The initiative is under the auspices of a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit called "Six Seconds EQ Network" an all donations are tax deductible (check the credibility of this organization on GuideStar).

The Emotional Literacy Campaign was initiated by Ayman Sawaf, a father, businessman and author. Mr Sawaf began promoting emotional literacy in 1993 by creating the Foundation for Education and Emotional Literacy (FEEL). The co-chair of the project is Joshua Freedman, a father and a leading expert on emotional intelligence training and development. was established with the purpose of building a platform to address the neeed for emotional literacy in our children's education. Ayman Sawaf, co-author of the international best-selling book, "Executive E.Q.: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership and Organization" and his partner Rowan Gabrielle have been promoting the concept via multi-media presentations including the Emotional literacy newsletter to educators around the world. Their media company Enchante Entertainment published a twenty one book series on emotional literacy, two feature films - winning multiple film awards and produced three television series, two with world renown actor and producers Shelly Duvall and one with production legend Norman Lear amongst others. later merged with to continue promoting Emotional Literacy worldwide. In Sept 2000, Sirah Vettese, Ph.D. one of the board members produced the "Emotional Literacy Conference" at the Wholelife Expo in Los Angeles, which included celebrities Christian Slater, Ryan Haddon and Donna Mills. This also marked the launch of the "one million signature" campaign for at the home of Norman Lear, attended by many best selling authors and celebrities including Jack Canfield, Dr Harold Bloomfield. Dr. John Gray and Neil Donaldan Walsh added their voice to the rest who became the founding signatories of this campaign. In 2012, 2gethelp joined forces with to help re-establish this vital campaign.

The Emotional Literacy Campaign will gather at least one million signatures from across the social spectrum of parents, celebrities, business leaders, teachers, therapists, judges, and concerned individuals -- all of whom are committed to bringing Emotional Literacy to the next generation.

A compiled petition with individual comments will be presented to representatives in the US Government, the United Nations, and in all nations with over 1000 signatories requesting funding and support for emotional literacy and education.

In addition to the million signature drive, the Emotional Literacy Campaign will raise public awareness through extensive media outreach, and lobby for political action.

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The campaign is non-sectarian, politically neutral, and is not endorsing any particular legislation nor curriculum. Rather, we are raising awareness of the value of emotional literacy and advocating for our public servants to address this pressing need.

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